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New Jersey School Installs Water Refill Station, Eliminates 3,000 Plastic Bottles

Students of the Glen Rock High and Middle Schools of New Jersey are practicing sustainability in a very real way, as a new device recently installed on campus encourages students to make use of a resource that they have readily available to them -- clean tap water. According to a report on North Jersey, new water fountain units that include a station for carbon-filtered, clean water to refill reusable bottles have been installed, giving students the ability to bring their own bottles to school.

Hidden Cost Series: Bottled Water

A statistical breakdown of the costs of plastic bottle usage from the Hidden Cost Series.

Scotts Valley Middle School

Scotts Valley Middle School earned a grant from the NOAA Ocean Guardian program in January 2011. Students will participate in a business model fundraiser program that will aim to reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles used on campus. Students will actively educate their school community about the effects of reusable bottles on the health of the watersheds, ocean and human health while promoting the sale of reusable canteens on campus. Water fountains will also be upgraded with filters to supply healthy drinking water for use in the reusable bottles.


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Scotts Valley, California
United States
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Why the Battle Over a Greener Soda Bottle Is a Worthless One

By Marion Nestle

BPA plastics are banned from the European market, only to be replaced by other plastics that seem to have their own problems. These are detailed in three articles in Food Additives and Contaminants dealing with the migration of ...Read More.

National park director feared Coke

By Mike Verespei, Plastic News

WASHINGTON (Dec. 2, 4:45 p.m. ET) -- A just-released email says the director of the National Park Service feared there would be “consequences” from Coca-Cola Co. if NPS went ahead with a proposed ban on the sale of single-use plastic water bottles at the Grand Canyon.

Rise Above Plastics: NY Bottle Bill Update

One year ago the state of New York (with the help of NE Region Surfrider chapters!) instituted the “Bottle Bill” – essentially a bottle-deposit on plastic bottles. According to Surfrider’s NE Regional Manager, John Weber, “If you believed the critics of bottle bill expansion, it was all gloom and doom, the economy was going to grind to a halt, overtaxed consumers were going to end up in the poorhouse, etc, etc. As you can see the actual results were a little different.

Rise Above Plastics: Italy Bans Plastic Bottles!

By Scott Harrison, Rise Above Plastics Well...*part* of Italy has banned plastic water bottles - the Cinque Terre (Five Lands) scenic region on the country's northwest coastline. Cinque Terre is recognized on the Unesco World Heritage list of environmental and cultural conservation sites, and the Italians want to keep it that way.

Small East Coast Grocery Chain to Ban Bottled Water in Stores

Inspired by the movie "Addicted to Plastic" a six-store grocery chain on the east coast is banning the sale of bottled water in their stores, installing in-store water filtration systems and eliminating unnecessarily-bagged produce.   

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