San Francisco

San Francisco Food Delivery Start-Up Revolutionizes Food To-Go

San Francisco, writes Forbes contributor Amy Westervelt, is a city of wide-ranging choice when it comes to take away food. Food trucks, online delivery websites, and independent food markets are all present in the city, giving its inhabitants a broad range of choice when it comes to quick, inspired eating. From this mix emerges Lucky Bolt, an entrepreneurial fast food venture aimed both at providing delicious food, and revolutionizing the way the city thinks of to-go food. 

San Francisco Bag Ban Gets Go-Ahead from Judge

Last week, California Superior Court Judge Teri Jackson upheld the ordinance San Francisco recently passed which banned most retail locations in the city from distributing plastic bags. The ruling was the final outcome of a lawsuit filed by the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, which insisted that the environmental impact of the bag ban was not properly assessed before the ordinance was passed. Writes Aaron Sankin of the Huffington Post,

Cupertino Continues Discussion On Potential Bag and Polystyrene Ban

An article on California's San Jose Mercury News today reports that the city of Cupertino is currently considering implementing a bag ban and a polystyrene ban in a matter of years. According to columnist Matt Wilson, the city council debated the issues in a two hour long session on August 6th in response to a government imposed trash reduction plan. The plan, which requires Cupertino and a number of other municipalities must show that they have cut trash by 40% as of July 4th, 2014. According to the article,

San Francisco Targets Plastic Bottles

On Friday, an article on the Huffington Post revealed that the city of San Francisco, California -- already an eco-conscious city for its regulation of plastic grocery bags -- is currently looking to add plastic water bottles to its list of environmental taboos through a new ordinance designed to limit their use. Fenit Nirappil, contributor to the Huffington Post, writes that this new ordinance would encourage the use of reusable bottles through the installation of new taps fitted for the purpose of refilling bottles. Nirappil writes that:

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