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Rise Above Plastics: Santa Monica Enables Bag Ban - MD & VA In the Hunt!

This just in...

I have good news and I have GREAT NEWS - the good news is that we (okay, I) are having trouble keeping up with all of the news of municipalities banning single-use plastic bags (gotta call my contacts at the ACC to stay dialed in!), the GREAT NEWS is:

BagMonster: Latest City To Kick Me Out — Brownsville, Texas

I can’t believe it. I’ve been kicked out of Brownsville, Texas. Effective… TODAY.

I had plenty of warning, but somehow I thought there would be an intervention by someone, some group, some company. I have seen other cities and towns in Texas attempt to eliminate my kind:  Dallas, San Antonio,  El Paso, Arlington, all have tried and failed in the last two years. Right now, there are no serious attempts in Texas to get rid of me and my Bag Monster brothers and sisters, except for Brownsville.

Fort McMurray (Canada) Single-Use Bag Ban

Fort McMurray, Alberta, the capital of Canada's tar sands oil country, passed a bylaw in 2009 banning all single-use shopping bags. The ban went into effect in September 2010.

France National Plastic Bag Ban

In November 2005 France's national government passed a plastic bag ban effective as of 2010. Although earlier versions of the proposed ban would have also included plastic packaging, the final ban, which passed unanimously, is limited solely to plastic bags.

BagMonster: San Jose City Council Passes Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance

The San Jose City Council has just approved an ordinance to ban single-use carryout bags, and prohibit the free distribution of recycled paper bags by retail establishments, to be effective January 1, 2012. Reports from San Jose City Hall had begun to trickle out earlier in the day that Bag Monsters were invading  the San Jose City Council Meeting.

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