Apollo Alliance: Inner City Green Job Growth and Transportation Field Hearings

Green Jobs Growing in America’s Inner Cities

While the number of inner-city jobs in the largest U.S. cities has grown by a scant 1% overall during the past decade, new research from Apollo, the Initiative for a Competitive City (ICIC), and Green For All, suggests that inner-city green jobs have grown by 11% , more than 10 times the rate of job growth overall. These preliminary results do not cover the full range of green jobs, but the findings are significant nonetheless. Perhaps most notably, because this level of growth appears to match the level of green economic job growth beyond the inner city, marking a stark departure from decades of metropolitan job growth patterns. Something is going right, and understanding what that is and creating a model for economic development that capitalizes on this emerging opportunity is the focus of a pilot project underway in the city of Flint. Flint’s Mayor Dayne Walling will appoint a task force to examine the city’s green economic job growth and to make recommendations for how the city can continue to attract green business and good jobs. The final report and recommendations will be released by Apollo Alliance, ICIC, and Green For All in Summer 2011.

U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee To Hold Hearings

Last week, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman John Mica (R-FL) announced upcoming public forums to seek input on reauthorization of the nation’s highway and transit programs – this reauthorization is the way that federal investments in public transit are now funded, and the existing policy has not been substantially updated since the Federal Highway Act was passed in 1958. Committee members need to hear that Americans are serious about building a globally competitive rail and public transit system and about creating hundreds of thousands of good manufacturing jobs by ensuring that these railcars, buses and their components are Made in America. The first hearing will be held in one week on February 14, 2011 in West Virginia, followed by hearings in Beckley, West Virginia; Charleston, West Virginia; the Philadelphia Metropolitan area; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Rochester, New York; Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; the Chicago Metropolitan area; Vancouver, Washington; Fresno, California; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Jonesboro, Arkansas; the Memphis Metropolitan area. Additionally, a joint House-Senate hearing is planned for Los Angeles. For more information regarding these hearings, or our Clean Transportation Manufacturing Action Plan, please contact Brian Lombardozzi at brian@apolloalliance.org.

Apollo Alliance is headed to Washington this week for the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference to meet with allies to advance the clean energy economy. We hope to see you there!


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