Honest Tea and the Great Recycle: Part of the Problem, Part of the Solution?

The New York Times reports that on April 30, bottled organic beverage manufacturer Honest Tea will hold their first Great Recycle event in New York City's Times Square. By their own measure, the company generates more than 60 million plastic bottles annually. With the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimating that as little as 27 percent of plastic bottles are recycled each year, the company has decided to tackle the issue of handling its own waste. Participants who recycle their cans and bottles will earn points redeemable for merchandise including yoga mats and skateboards. Though the event kicks off the campaign in NYC, a road tour will soon move onto other cities. Along the way, the company aims to recycle 45,000 cans and plastic bottles, the number sold daily in NYC. 

For folks who won't be on the tour route, Honest Tea set up a website, TheGreatRecycle.com, where you can pledge to recycle your bottles independently and interact on their Facebook page. Here's an idea: Instead of just recycling your plastic tea bottle, how about sending the company a note and asking that all of their beverages be sold in glass bottles?

Photo via efrenefren on Flickr

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