Plastic Pollution Study to be Conducted on the Great Lakes

A study set to be conducted this summer on the Great Lakes, including Lake Erie amongst others, will assess for the first time the potential impact plastic pollution has had on these importand bodies of water. According to an article published by Brandon Blackwell of, the study is set to assess in detail the quantities of plastic garbage in the Great Lakes, as well as examine their impacts on food supplies and even the world's oceans as a result of the contamination. According to Blackwell:

"Lake Erie may have the highest level of plastic pollution among the Great Lakes -- or the lowest -- according to some marine scientists. Researchers anticipate the lake is either one or the other, and intend to find out during the three-week survey voyage.

The July survey is a joint venture between SUNY Fredonia and 5 Gyres, a research institute dedicated to the maritime study of plastic pollution. Lakes Erie, Huron and Michigan will be surveyed. They will sail from lake to lake aboard the flagship Niagara -- the replica of the ship commanded by Commodore Oliver Perry in the Battle of Lake Erie."

To learn more about the study and what it hopes to achieve, please see the full article on here.

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