London 2012 Visitors Urged to Refuse Plastic Bags

Green activist group Greener Upon Thames is campaigning at the London 2012 Olympics to encourage visitors to refuse single use plastic bags during the games. According to the organization, the Olympics could generate a vast amount of plastic waste that would travel around the world and create a global problem which would shame Britain as a country. Guardian reporter Rebecca Smithers writes:

The group has warned that the "first sustainable Games" could distribute hundreds of thousands of throwaway plastic bags, which would be carried around the world, creating a global problem, and shaming the British capital.

Commenting on the latest move, Goldsmith said: "Plastic bags cause immense damage throughout the world, and absolutely symbolise the mindlessness of our throwaway society. Visitors to the Olympics have an opportunity to show that life without throwaway bags is perfectly possible."

Greener Upon Thames has gained backing from actor Jeff Bridges and singer Jackson Browne, Sir David Attenborough, and many others, and encourages visitors to make responsible choices while enjoying the games. For more on the sustainability of the 2012 Olympics, please see the full article on the Guardian here.

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