Sinopec Pledges to Help Clear Hong Kong Plastic Spill

Taking some responsibility for the ecological disaster that has just occurred in Hong Kong, the company Sinopec made a media appearance after a 17 day silence, revealing that it had set aside HK$10m (equivalent to US$1.28m) to combat the damage done by its plastic pellet spillage. According to the, volunteers are currently at work trying to collect the beads from the sand by hand, but only a fraction of them have been collected. Sinopec has stated that they will employ industrial vacuum cleaners to attempt to clean up the rest. Writes Reuters:

Hong Kong's top civil servant, chief secretary Carrie Lam, said on Wednesday the government would bring to book those responsible.

"Let me stress here that we will definitely be persistent in pursuing those liable," Lam said after a visit to a fish farm where fish have died, apparently after consuming the pellets.

Fish at a growing number of fish farms have begun dying, operators say.

"The fish are not eating, and they are getting thinner and they will die slowly," said legislator Wong Yung-kan, who represents the agriculture and fisheries industry.

To learn more about the steps Sinopec will be taking to attempt to rectify the plastic pellet disaster, please see the full article on the Guardian here.

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