Irvine Considers Plastic Bag Ban

Mayor Sukhee Kang of Irvine, California, has announced that he wants the Irvine City Council to consider a ban on plastic bags in order to reduce the harmful effects that have on the environment, according to the Orange County Register today. While he has stated that he does not necessarily support an all-out ban, he would certainly like to review the options that exist to lower the impact of plastic bags. According to writer Thomas Martinez:

Kang said he is responding to numerous requests from Irvine residents and is not necessarily pushing for an overall ban on the use of plastic grocery bags. He just wants options to reduce their negative effects. State law prohibits placing fees or taxes on one-time use plastic grocery bags.

To learn more about the considerations of Irvine's City Council, please see the full article on the Orange County Register here. The Irvine City Council meeting Tuesday begins at 5 p.m. and is at City Hall, 1 Civic Center Drive, Irvine. The full agenda and related reports may be viewed at

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