CEMEX to Burn Plastic in Louisville Cement Kiln, Health Concerns Emerge

CEMEX Kosmos, a cement company located in Louisville, Kentucky, has recently issued a statement that it plans to introduce scrap plastic into stoking the kiln that fires its cement. The company already burns a number of materials which could be potential health concerns such as coal and petroleum coke. According to James Bruggers of the Courier-Journal:

...industrial pollution has been an issue in southwest Louisville for decades. The plant is near the coal-fired Mill Creek power plant, and residents have long complained about dust and soot from both.

Denise Allgood, vice chairwoman of the Valley Village Homeowners Association, said she was not familiar with the proposal and said any change involving air pollution is likely to be sensitive.

“The (pollution) that’s coming out of that place now is of great concern,” she said. “We’ve been told by the powers that be that’s it’s better than it has ever been, but I would hope that whatever (CEMEX) is considering, they are also considering the health and welfare of the people in this area.”

The CEMEX plant, if it follows through with its proposal, could emit even more pollution into the area than previously. While the test burns conducted by the company are reportedly harmless for human exposure, the company will need to obtain a number of permits before it can begin burning the new plastic fuel. To learn more about the plans of the company and the reaction of Louisville residents, please see the full article on the Courier-Journal here.

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