Cupertino Continues Discussion On Potential Bag and Polystyrene Ban

An article on California's San Jose Mercury News today reports that the city of Cupertino is currently considering implementing a bag ban and a polystyrene ban in a matter of years. According to columnist Matt Wilson, the city council debated the issues in a two hour long session on August 6th in response to a government imposed trash reduction plan. The plan, which requires Cupertino and a number of other municipalities must show that they have cut trash by 40% as of July 4th, 2014. According to the article,

Measuring just how much trash goes into the local water is not easy nor an exact science, so the board is giving cities credit for making policy-related efforts toward that 40 percent goal. A plastic bag ban is the most appealing option, as it would get the city a whopping percentage 12 points.

A ban on expanded polystyrene, which Cupertino Public Works director Timm Borden referred to as "foam-to-go," would be banned for all vendors of prepared food. It would earn the city six percentage points. Expanded polystyrene is already not used on city property, which has earned the city a few points.

If the city were to further explore both bans, the earliest a bag ordinance could be drafted would be in early 2013, with a ban taking effect as early as October 2013, according to Borden. If Cupertino went for a polystyrene ban, the issue could be heard as early as June 2013 and take effect in June 2014.

To learn more about Cupertino's efforts to eliminate plastic bags and polystyrene containers and the opposition that exists, please see the full article on Mercury News here.

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