Governor Quinn of Illinois Vetoes Anti-Bag Ban Bill

According to the Capitol Fax of Illinois, Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois has recently taken a stand against a bill which would prohibit the banning of plastic bags in the state. Siding with 13 year old activist Abby Goldberg, whose year long crusade against plastic bags and campaign entitled "Don't Let Big Plastic Bully Me" earned the issue considerable attention, Quinn informed Goldberg this weekend that he had no intention of signing a bill that would keep plastic from being banned. Rick Miller of the Capitol Fax writes:

Mayor Don Gerard on Sunday applauded Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto of a bill that would have prevented Champaign from dealing with plastic bags on its own terms. Gerard said local officials can now resume discussions about limiting the use of the bags at stores within its borders. […]

If the veto stands, Gerard said it could be time to continue the discussions in the Champaign City Building of banning or placing a per-bag fee on plastic bags at checkout lines.

To learn more about the implications of the Veto, as well as to find out about the action opposing legislators are taking, please see the complete article on the Capitol Fax blog.

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