Homer, Alaska Votes to Partially Ban Plastic Bags

According to an article published on the Alaska Daily News website today, the town of Homer, Alaska is next on the list of towns to eliminate plastic bans, with a partial ban set to go into effect beginning January 1st. Contributor Michelle Boots writes that  the ban, which was passed on Monday, is one of the few pieces of legislation of the sort that exist in Alaska. Boots reports:

The ordinance bars businesses from giving customers disposable plastic shopping bags less than 2.25 millimeters thick that are "not suitable for continuous reuse."

It passed by a 4-2 vote, said Beau Burgess, a Homer city council member who has backed the effort.

The rule basically applies to thin plastic grocery bags, the "cheap plastic bag stores hand out by the tens of thousands or tens of millions," said city councilman David Lewis, who supported the measure. It includes exceptions for things like bags meant to hold bulk nuts, grains or small hardware items or baked goods.

While the ordinance is not a complete ban on all plastic bags, it is an indication that concerns about plastic in the environment have extended to the Katchemak Bay area. For more information on the ban and its implications for Homer residents, please see the full article on the Anchorage Daily News here.


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