Poland Spring Bottles May be Contaminated By Gasoline

A disturbing warning issued by the New Hampshire department of health warns consumers to be wary of Poland Spring bottled water, which has been found to contain traces of gasoline contamination, the Huffington Post reports. According to an article written by Dominique Mosbergen, 3 and 5 gallon water bottles purchased after November 1st of last year may be contaminated by gasoline in the aftermath of the destruction caused by Super storm Sandy, and should be checked for fumes before consumption. Writes Mosbergen:

Citing information provided by state health officials, Patch.com reports that "exposure levels are unlikely to result in long-term health effects." However, MetroWest Daily News reported earlier this week that at least one person has had to seek medical attention after drinking from a gasoline-tainted bottle of Poland Spring water. An unnamed Essex County child was reportedly treated at an emergency department after drinking water from a 5-gallon bottle.

Only the 3- and 5- gallon Poland Spring water bottles are believed to be affected.

"This contamination is not thought to be a widespread problem, but we want to remind consumers that they should use their 3- or 5-gallon water bottles only for drinking water. Of course during a disaster we need to do what is necessary to go on, but contaminated water bottles should be discarded," Dr. José Montero, director of NH Public Health Services, said in a statement Friday.

The storm's devastation has had far-reaching effects for the people of the affected states, and the contamination of plastic water bottles, which may have been repurposed during the storm, may now prove dangerous to those using them for hydration. For more information on the Poland Springs bottle contamination, please see the full article on the Huffington Post here.

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