Malawi Announces Ban On Plastic Imports

The Malawi government has issued a ban on the importation of plastics with a thickness of less than 60 micron meters, determining that these bags are often disposed of after use, and therefore not environmentally friendly. According to a reported from the Nyasa Times, Malawi's government had concerns regarding the way these single-use plastic bags were eliminated. Because they are thin, these bags are often burned after use, contributing to a widespread problem of hazardous open burning practices. According to Dr. Ntupanyama of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Management, an importation ban would significantly reduce the nuisance of plastics clogging up drainage systems and littering landfill, and would generally improve the aesthetic beauty of Malawi.

Alongside this ban, Malawi has also adopted what it refers to as the "Polluter Pays Principle," which "requires that the costs of pollution and damage caused should be borne by the polluter. The rationale is to curb the level of environmental degradation and natural resources caused by polluters and hold them accountable for their own activities," Dr Ntupanyama emphasizes. For more information on Malawi's government and its action against plastic bags, please see the full article on the Nyasa Times website here.

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