New Study Finds Bisphenol A Harmful to Developing Brains

A radio story by Australia's ABC News reported that a study has been undertaken by Duke Medical Centre which has discovered a link between bisphenol A and the suppression of a gene which is vital to the development of the central nervous system. According to the sound clip segment of the AM Show with Tony Eastly, reporter Sarah Dingle comments:

Now a new study by Duke University Medical Centre has found BPA may suppress a gene vital to the development of a central nervous system.

The researchers reached the conclusion after they treated the tissue from baby rats, mice, and human embryos with BPA.

They say it raises the question of whether the chemical could also predispose humans to neurodevelopmental disorders like autism.

Some critics of bisphenol A, such as Mariann Lloyd-Smith of Australia's National Toxins Network, have stated that they believe that this study will bring about a conclusive end to the debate of bisphenol A's safety. Others, such as Professor Andrew Bartholomeus of the University of Canberra, suggest that the study reflects a situation which could only occur in a laboratory setting. Despite this skepticism, the study contributes to an even-widening body of research which points to the detrimental effects of bisphenol A on the human body, which is becoming harder and harder to ignore. For more information or to listen to the original radio clip, please see the full transcript and audio clip on ABC News here.

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